Wallpaper Pasting Machine

Wallpaper Pasting Machine

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  • Fast, even paste coverage on wallcovering roll widths up to 56cm (22")
  • Precisely set the wallpaper paste thickness.
  • Made in Germany, with High Quality Stainless Steel, to withstand years of professional use. The table mounted design quickly hooks onto a paste table.
  • You'll set the adhesive thickness and then pour your paste into the deep reservoir. Pre-load the applicator roller and pull through your wallcovering to your preferred length.
  • Faster Installations, Better Results.
  • Perfect for both 'WOVEN' and 'NON-WOVEN' wallpapers, up to 22" wide, including REMIX Walls.
  • Manufactured in a State of Art Facility in Germany, by TapoFix.  The leader in wallpaper pasting machines since 1963.

by Katie Hunt

Hi, I'm Katie! I am a Professional Wallpaper Installer, and have been installing wallpaper for over 12 years, in beautiful homes, for magazines and on television, including your favorite shows on HGTV.

I love wallpaper and design, and I’m so excited to offer my very own Wallpaper Collection, which combines beautiful design, with exceptional quality wallpaper printing and manufacturing, that I have personally tested, to ensure it meets my highest standards.

My goal was also to have a price point which is affordable, while exceeding the quality of much higher priced wallpapers.

I live in Toronto, Canada with my husband, my beautiful 10 year old daughter, and our two cats.

My family is central to my life, and I am so proud to be an example for my Daughter, and that if you follow your passions, with hard work, you can have your dreams come true. :-)

REMIX Walls is the embodiment of my passion for wallpaper, with stunning designs, and the highest level of quality.

One of the most important aspects of wallpaper, is the printing process, and I am so proud to have partnered with a leading wallcovering manufacturer, A-Street Prints, a division of Brewster Wallcoverings, to print my collection.
Since 1935, Brewster has been producing exceptional quality wallpapers, with the latest printing technologies.  From the designs to meticulous color proofing, every detail has been thoughtfully considered.

My collection is printed in the UK, to the highest standards, and REMIX Walls is committed to the latest environmentally friendly processes.

This collection truly has something for everyone.

Katie 💗

Follow me on Instagram @katieswallpaper and Remix Walls @remixwalls

Blooming Floral in Dove Grey

Watch me install the 'Blooming' Floral Wallpaper in Dove Grey in a beautiful Nursery, including a step-by-step guide, showing how to install any wallpaper from my collection.

Recommended Wallpaper Installation Tools

  • Paint Roller and Brush (To Apply Paste to the Wall)
  • Wallpaper Paste: Roman PRO-838
  • Plastic Wallpaper Smoother
  • Leveler
  • Tape Measure (To Confirm Wall Size)
  • Trimming Snap-Off Blade (For Trimming Wallpaper)
  • Step Ladder and Drop Cloth
  • Microfibre Cloth and Clean Warm Water (To Wipe Wallpaper)

Crane You Later in Dove Grey

Watch me talk about the stunning Cranes wallpaper, in see the amazing transformation in a beautiful space designed by Interior Designer Karin Bennett, in her Mudroom, featuring this wallpaper, including an exciting reveal.

Rain in Dove Grey

In this video, I installed the Rain wallpaper in Dove Grey, in a beautiful Den designed by Andrew Pike. Watch the reveal, when Andrew sees the wallpaper for the first time, in the space he designed.

Blooming Floral in Darling Pink

Watch me talk about this beautiful wallpaper, which I installed in a Powder Room.  Including quick tips for how to measure for the room.


REMIX Walls - Announcement Video

Watch the introduction video for my new wallpaper collection.